Referral Programs

Your customers want you to have a referral program. Referral Circle gives you the tools and workforce to create and implement a successful (and fun!) referral program. Your customers will thank you for it.

How It Works

The first step is to email or contact your customer base a promotion or newsletter about your business. If you don't have email addresses of your customer, it's OK. You can use Referral Circle to set up an email club and begin collecting email addresses.  After collecting any email addresses, just input them into Referral Circle mail them to us in our prepaid envelopes and your Virtual Assistant will input them into the system for you. (Yes, it's that easy). Or if you prefer to hand out "postcards" instead of sending emails, that works too.

When your customer receives your email or "postcard", he or she will have the option to refer that promotion or newsletter to their friend or family through Facebook, Twitter, or email. You don't have to be using these platforms already, you're simply giving your customers the tools to spread the word about your business in places they're used to socializing. Then, if one of their referrals is redeemed at your business, Referral Circle will reward your initial customer with a thank you promotion that you customize in Referral Circle. Just mail your Virtual Assistant the coupons and Referral Circle will automatically input them into the system. We'll send you the envelopes and postage, you just need to fill them with your coupons and pop them in the mail.


You just got a new customer, and your customer got thanked for the referral. Additionally, new potential customers have been exposed to your promotion from a trusted source, their friends and family. Pretty powerful, huh?


Use Referral Circle’s reports to see exactly how many people are referring your organization and where they are referring s you know where to focus future efforts.