Mobile Marketing

Run creative, interactive campaigns to make your business stand out to your guests.  With our text message abilities, you can easily put together a text message marketing club to push news to your guests and/or set up a response campaign to allow your guests to request news at their discretion.  You can do this all within Referral Circle’s easy-to-use website.


Manage Your Text Message Club

  • Send text messages to your subscribers with news, info, deals and coupons.
  • Get a DEDICATED number, allowing your guests to sign up automatically via text message.
  • Use Referral Circle’s website to send messages and manage your subscribers.
  • Schedule messages to be delivered during specific days and times of your choice.

Start a Response Campaign

  • Use your DEDICATED number to automate text responses based on keyword.
  • Use Referral Circle to automatically notify you via text or email when guests text.
  • Use Referral Circle’s website to manage as many keywords and responses as you’d like.
  • Communicate with your guests on the device of their choice: their phone.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Drill down into the reasons that your subscribers are texting you.
  • See the results of your text message campaigns and track progress against past campaigns
  • Full visibility into the progress of your text message campaigns